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fabio battistetti.

les montagnarts, quattro chiacchiere sotto un castagno

Les Montagnarts, Festival, Valle Varaita.

Domenica 24 Agosto, al mattino, ore 10.00/11.30

Quattro chiacchiere sotto un castagno. 
(Borgata Prato – Melle)
con il giornalista/cercatore d’alberi Tiziano Fratus e il
musicista/sound designer Fabio Battistetti.

Presentazione del volume “L’Italia è un bosco” (Laterza) e
Anteprima del progetto per famiglie “L’albero in Ascolto”
L’Albero in Ascolto è un laboratorio di scoperta tramite una
camminata nel bosco per conoscerlo dal punto di vista
naturalistico sotto la guida del Cercatore d’Alberi, Tiziano Fratus
(Homo Radix, La Stampa). Mentre, grazie al sound designer
Fabio Battistetti, si scoprirà il suono del bosco. E da qui il
passaggio alla musica è breve. Si proverà a suonare il bosco!


Introducing my cutter’s bow guitar inspired by didley’s bow. Tagliofono ! 

Made with an old cutter and pieces of an old electric guitar (thanks to pangrus, tuttonero and stranifiori).

Here, played during last Into The Wood performance.

ECDN Session

ECDN session is a soundscape project based on a series of electroacoustic recordings made during Eniac’s art residency at I-Park Foundation between November and December 2011, Connecticut (US).
During the sessions Eniac played various instruments and environmental objects found in the neighborhood of the Foundation: The recording process includes echo, chorus, delay effects and the environmental noise. The tracks had been edited at Blue Angle Studio in Torino (2012 - 2013).

Thanks to I-Park Foundation.

Fabio Battistetti / Eniac

released 08 June 2014 on Cathedral Transmissions

Incoming new record on Cathedral Transmissions: ECDN SEssion.
<a href=”” data-mce-href=””>ECDN Session (Upcoming EP) by Eniac</a> View high resolution

Incoming new record on Cathedral Transmissions: ECDN SEssion.

Into The Wood strikes back ! the green energy of a wood land restarted at Torino Mini Maker Faire, as an exhibition and a performance (with Sanna Brothers). #intothewood #makerfaire #green #wood #performance

Into The Wood torna a farsi sentire !
La performance partecipa alla Torino Mini Maker Faire, Sabato 31 Maggio.
A questo giro, avremo due musicisti in più: Fabrizio e Simone Sanna. View high resolution

Into The Wood torna a farsi sentire !

La performance partecipa alla Torino Mini Maker Faire, Sabato 31 Maggio.

A questo giro, avremo due musicisti in più: Fabrizio e Simone Sanna.

currently sending promo for a possible new album to record labels… if interested contact me, here a live preview (three tracks)

Live, 3rd April, in Torino

Thursday, 3rd April.

A new live dates in Torino at Blah Blah (Via po 21), for the official launch for the first ep of FleUR, Supernova, Urgent Star.

A/V live set by :
FleUR (a young duo influenced by uk & german cold electronic music, generating intensive beats and melodies), preseting an A/V set based on the songs of Supernova, Urgent Star.
Eniac (sound designer, around glich and post techno) presenting an A/V set entitled: I, Mother Earth.

Before and after: Poison Lella&Sux Interior (Giubilella dj’s)


Present Tense Traktor Remix Set

Present Tense Traktor Remix Set

Remix your favourite tracks!

Read about Traktor Remix Sets


For those of you that don’t already know, we recently joined forces with Native Instruments’ world-renowned ‘Traktor’ DJ software to bring you ‘Present Tense - Traktor Remix Sets’. This release makes seven of the eleven tracks from Present Tense available in their fullest and purest form – the artists’ original stems – allowing you to completely remix or rework each track in Traktor to create original remixes of your own using high quality, mastered samples from some of Touchin Bass’ best and most creative talents.

Available now at junodownload

Present Tense features Eniac’s The Painting Of Life.

ENIAC’s dj set for PiemonteGroove Radio Show

image PiemonteGroove Radio Show is on air every Friday and Saturday night from 10pm to 1am on Radio GTT, broadcasted in every station of Torino’s underground as well as online at, thanks to the partnership with GTT, as well as on Radio Flash (97.6 FM in the Torino area or in streaming at every Saturday night from 1am to 2am.
The edition broadcast on Radio Flash will host this week a dj set by ENIAC, airing on Saturday 1st February from 1am to 2am, and later available as a podcast.
This is the tracklist:
Kraftwerk – Numbers
D’arcangelo – Geo Ride
Chatterbox – Transformer
Orbital – Steel Cube Idolatry
Stefan Goldmann – Prefecture
Soft Pink Truth – Do They Owe Us A Living
Porter Ricks – Explore
Boards Of Canada – Seeya Later
Manitoba – Silver Splinters
Eniac – Moss-Ed
Brain Eno & David Byrne – Regiment
Tied & Tickled Trio – Revolution

Eniac’s mix for Piemontegroove Radio Show by Eniac on Mixcloud